Special Religious Education (SRE) and Inter School Christian Fellowship (ISCF)

Special Religious Education operates during DEAR time for one half hour each Tuesday. In 2019 we have three providors - Catholic Diocese, Islamic Council and Coalition of Christian Churches. No curriculum or extra curricular activities are offered to other students at this time.

Inter School Christian Fellowship is student led, with the support of Beth Spragg from St Pauls, Canterbury. It operates during lunchtime in A9 on each Tuesday.

All students who wish to attend SRE or ISCF must have their permission note signed by a parent and given to Office A otherwise they will not be placed on the roll. If a student wishes to be exempt from SRE or ISCF, they must hand in a note to Office A from their parents asking for their daughter to be removed.


SRE Teachers Profiles


Catholic - Sarah Christie

Sarah Christie has six years experience with Sydney's Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, a non-profit organisation that provides faith formation and education to children and young people, and supports parish catechists in state schools. Using the professionally-written, approved curriculum of Catholic Scripture, called Christ our Light and Life, as well as real-world examples and insight, Sarah aims to instill in her students an awareness of the world around them, and the role that faith can play in their lives. Building on the foundations of primary school SRE, Catholic Scripture is about fostering a deeper connection with Christ the Good Shepherd, in the hope that in their personal faith journey they may also discover the contribution they can make to to the wider world. Catholic SRE is about living Christian principles and learning from the scriptures, lives of the saints and everyday scenarios to develop a confidence, knowledge and passion that builds hope for the future. Outside work, Sarah is a writer and loves to connect with young people about her passion for literature, diversity in pop culture, and travel and experiences.


Islam - Amani Alfas

Amani Alfas is currently studying a Bachelor in Arts and Masters in Teaching, majoring in Psychology. Amani began volunteering at Canterbury Girls to help guide young Muslim girls and to be of good support in the Islamic community. Amani enjoys helping people which makes her really passionate in volunteering for Islam SRE.


Coalition of Christian Churches - Luke Graham

Luke Graham has 8 years of volunteer experience in children’s and youth ministry, in both Anglican & Independent Evangelical Churches. Prior to taking up this role, Luke worked at the University of Sydney with the Evangelical Union where he held pastoral, spiritual and administrative oversight for the Nursing & Veterinary Science faculties within the Evangelical Union. A highlight of this role was developing young leaders, and he’s excited to work alongside the students involved in ISCF to reach their leadership potential. While at University, Luke studied a Bachelor of Social Work and worked in Disability Support at Killara High School and in Crows Nest Community Centre.


Curriculum Links for what is covered in each Special Religious Group