Illness and/or Misadventure

The following applies to the non-completion of assessment tasks due to illness and/or misadventure:

All students are required to comply with the school’s assessment policies as outlined in the student assessment handbooks.

Year 10 Assessment Booklet

Year 11 Assessment Booklet

Year 12 Assessment Booklet

Students may be prevented from completing an assessment task on time, or completing an assessment to a standard commensurate with their ability, due to them experiencing illness/misadventure.

A student may lodge an Illness/Misadventure Appeal form in support of any assessment task not completed or adversely affected by illness and/or misadventure.

Applying for Illness and Misadventure

To complete an Illness/Misadventure application you should:

  • Ring the Head Teacher on the morning of the task, and let them know you are going to miss the assessment task and why.
  • Download and take the Medical Certificate Form to your doctor, dentist or other appropriate authority (eg a police officer) to complete on the day of your task
  • Download the Illness/Misadventure form and complete it with your parents signature and attach the medical certificate and other supporting documentation (eg letter from a parent/caregiver or other professional such as  police, social worker, counsellor) to the Illness/Misadventure form
  • Visit your Deputy Principal on the morning of your first day back at school and hand in the Illness/Misadventure Form and supporting documents

Note Illness/Misadventure does NOT cover:

  • difficulties in preparation
  • alleged deficiencies in tuition
  • family celebrations / commitments
  • loss of study time prior to the formal study vacation
  • misreading the examination timetable
  • misreading of examination instructions
  • long-term illness such as glandular fever, asthma and epilepsy unless there is evidence of a sudden reoccurrence during the examination period.

Outcome of Appeal

A decision as to whether the appeal will be upheld should be made within three working days by the Deputy Principal in consultation with the Head Teacher. The Deputy Principal will inform the student and their parents of this decision.

If the appeal is upheld, a decision will be made as to whether to allow the student to re-sit/resubmit the assessment task, or to adjust the result in accordance with their performance in previously undertaken tasks.

If the appeal is not upheld, the existing assessment mark will remain for any task attempted; a zero allocated and a warning letter sent for any task not attempted.

Applications will be discreetly managed on a case by case basis – no blanket rule in the case of illness and misadventure can apply.


Last Updated August 2020