School Uniform

Canterbury Girls is a proud uniform wearing school.  This is in accordance with Department of Education and Training policy and the wishes of the whole school community – students (represented by Student Representative Council and Prefects), parents and families (represented by the P&C), and staff.  

Wearing school uniform presents a positive public image to the community of our school.  School uniform also fosters a safer school environment by enabling students to be easily identified.  All students are expected to wear full school uniform every day.   

Uniform Policy

For safety reasons, jewellery is to be minimal and in practical classrooms (Science Labs, Food Technology Rooms, Art Rooms) enclosed leather style shoes must be worn.

The uniform supplier is Lowes in the Campsie Centre. Uniforms can also be purchased online at the Lowes website.

Any family needing financial support to meet school uniform requirements should contact Office C for an application for the Student Assistance Scheme.

Junior School Uniform

Senior School Uniform



Last Updated September 2019