Parent-Teacher Evenings

Semester Reports

Canterbury Girls High School uses a computerised outcomes based approach to all student assessment and reporting which provides substantial information on student achievement and progress. Each student receives a one page report for every subject studied.

Reports are prepared and issued to all students twice yearly.

  • Semester One Reports must be collected by members of the student’s family at the relevant Parent-Teacher evening.

  • Semester Two Reports are mailed or issued directly to students. If reports are issued directly to students a SMS message is sent to the family to inform them.  All International student reports are mailed to parents.

Three Parent-Teacher Evenings are held during the year to provide parents with the opportunity to discuss their daughter's achievements and progress.

    1. In Term 1, Year 7 and Year 11 students receive a Progress Report toward the end of the term. Year 12 Semester One Reports are also issued at the end of Term 1.
    2. In Term 2, Semester One Reports are issued for students in Years 8, 9 and 10.
    3. In Term 3, Semester One Reports are issued for students in Years 7 and 11. Parents of Year 12 students are welcome to also come to the evening and discuss their daughter's progress.

The Principal, Deputy Principals, Head Teachers and Year Advisers may be contacted at any time for progress reports, support or advice.

Last updated August 2019