2019 S.E.A Update

The Student Environment Ambassadors were involved in a range of grass roots campaigns during the course of 2019. Fund raising enabled the group to support global initiatives as well. The following points state some of the work SEA members engaged in throughout the school grounds;

2193 Plastic Bottle Free

- Raising of funds for a number of insect hotels, allowing a range of insects to recuperate during the hotter months. These funds were raised from selling a range of produce from the school garden.

- A Bake sale was conducted to raise money for koalas impacted by the 2019/20 Australian bushfires. The money went to the koala hospital at Port Macquarie.

- On musical nights, SEA sold reusable keep cups to families, students and teachers to promote sustainability. Also, during these musical nights, school grown pumpkins were raffled, and the money went towards the purchase of seedlings and equipment for the school garden. There was regular recycling of paper and composting which helped keep the garden soil healthy.

Year 10 participated in a range of in-school and extra-curricular environmental incentives. On Clean Up Australia Day they led Year 7 and 8 students to the Quad and cleaned up rubbish around the school.

At an educational level, Year 7, 8 and 9 SEA members attended a workshop held by the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) at the Petersham Town Hall. Strategies to help combat climate change were discussed. They relayed this information back to the SEA group, and workshops were established. Year 10 were involved in bringing members of the AYCC to the school. They spoke about climate activism strategies for groups and individuals. Another on-going project is working with the canteen to attempt to minimise waste as well as the establishment of compost bins in the Tech Food labs.

Year 9 SEA students contacted an organisation called WoodiWild, an organisation which plants trees in cleared farmland areas in N.S.W. WoodWild is a partner of the NSW Government’s 5 million trees for Greater Western Sydney Project, which plans to plant 5 million trees by 2030. The school raised over $600 for the cause.

Globally, SEA students engaged in a bread tag initiative, where bread tags were sent to a South African factory. These tags were melted down and transformed into items such as coat hangers, seeding trays and picture frames.

Click here for Canterbury Girls Solar Analytics link

2018 Sustainability Update

A 100 kilowatt Solar Panel system has been installed ( 367 panels) on B and C block roof and has operated since July 2018. This is being monitored for consumption and supply by Solar Analytics. As well 125 LED lights were installed during October this year in 15 spaces in A block. So far we can see that we are saving up to 45% on our electricity bill due to these intiatives.

These intiatives were only possible because of the Parents and Citizens commitment to supporting the Solar Project through fundraising and thru the "adopt a solar panel initative". Students also raised significant funds to enable this to happen and a Commuity Grant was also received through local state member of Parliament Sophie Cotsis. Our aim is to apply for further funds to expand LED lighting to more learning spaces.

We are also looking to work with Solar Analytics Company to encourage members of the community to share Solar power.

Click this link for more information -SOLAR ANALYTICS- SHARE SOLAR

We now have a second water filling station. Student action this year included Save the Koala initative, ongoing recycling work and support of community initatives to raise awareness of environmental issues in society. Many students are active in community groups to increase people's understanding of sustainability and reduction of human carbon footprint.

2193 Plastic Bottle Free2193 Plastic Bottle Free

Canterbury Girls High School leading the charge to eradicate up to 20,000 plastic bottles from the landscape.

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P & C and the Cash for Containers Scheme

The school and students are working together on a “Postcode 2193 – Plastic Water Bottled WaterBottle Free” campaign and taking a number of steps to reduce the amount of waste created at the school. This includes the recent installation of a reusable water bottle fountain (with the support of the SEA LIFE Conservation Fund) and banning disposable water bottles from sale at the school canteen.

As you probably know, four out of five Australians support a Cash for Containers scheme. We very much hope that you can encourage our children to believe that we can make a difference, by supporting this much needed, sensible reform

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