Music Ensembles

CGHS is committed to offering students the opportunity to be involved in a dynamic and exciting
ensembles program as an extra-curricular activity. The programs are supported by the school,
and run by experienced Band Directors, music tutors and the CGHS Music department staff.

The ensembles program provides students with:

  • a varied and changing repertoire
  • an opportunity to develop individual and ensemble performance skills
  • an environment which encourages and nurtures individual learning
  • an environment which develops confidence and provides challenges for all members
  • opportunities to perform within the wider school community and to become confident and respected school representatives

Being part of the ensembles program involves a commitment by students and their parents in the forms of:

  • committing to attending weekly band rehearsals and performances throughout the year.
  • attending rehearsals punctually, assist with set up of band equipment, warm up and tune
    instruments, follow the directions of the Band Director and assist with putting away band
    equipment at the end of the rehearsal.
  • regularly practice their instrument at home.

Being part of the ensembles program involves a commitment to attend performances both in and out of school. The list below represents some examples of the events that the ensembles usually perform at.

Events at School

  • Academic Assembly (daytime)
  • Open Night (evening)
  • Biennial School Musical Production (Evening & Weekend Rehearsals)
  • Winterfest (evening)
  • Graduation Ceremony (evening)
  • Performance Day for incoming Year 7 students (daytime)
  • MADD (evening)
  • Recognition ceremony (daytime

Possible Events Outside of School

  • ANZAC Day Ceremony
  • International Women's Day (evening)
  • Education Week
  • Rememberence Day Ceremony
  • Inner West Festival

Ensembles Timetables and Fees




Fee per year

Concert Band Cantabrian Hall Thursday 8am-9am $480
Stage Band (Advanced Players) Cantabrian Hall Monday 8am-9am $480
Ukelele Ensemble B14 Tuesday Lunch $200
Junior Choir B14 Monday Lunch $50
Senior Choir B14 Thursday Lunch $50
Percussion B14 Friday Lunch $200
String Ensemble Cantabrian Hall Tuesday Period 2 $480

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Last updated March 2020