Year 12

Year Adviser: Ms Alice Magoffin (English Faculty) and Ms Vicky Michos (HSIE Faculty)

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Maths Standard 1 Maths Standard 2 Maths Standard 3 Maths Advanced Maths Ext 1 Maths Ext 2


Business Studies Studies of Religion Economics Geography Society & Culture
Modern History Ancient History Legal Studies


CAFS Chinese in Context Chinese & Literature Chinese Continuers


Biology Chemistry Physics


Visual Arts Dance Music


Hospitality Business Services

HSC 2020

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Supporting Senior Students

A Canterbury Girls High School Senior Student Support Plan has been developed to outline the range of services available to support each student to achieve her personal best in Stage 6. This is a part of our school's Wellbeing Framework.  This Support Plan is made available to senior students through Year Meetings and the Senior Learning Centre. 

The HSC years of study can be demanding and the Support Plan:

  • aims to guide students in making sensible lifestyle choices and balancing their commitments over this period of time. 
  • assists students with study skills, coping with any difficult personal circumstances and seeking help to manage stress and anxiety.

Last updated March 2020