Schools Sports Program

Students are required to participate in the Canterbury Girls High School Sporting Program as part of their learning and development. The Sports Program includes Wednesday afternoon school sport (both Grade and Recreational), School Carnivals, Sydney East Knock Out competitions.

Knock Out sports offered in 2020 will include volleyball, cricket, softball, basketball (both open and U15 age groups), netball (both open and U15 age groups), soccer, touch football, table tennis and tennis.

School Sport is held every Wednesday afternoon from 12:55 p.m. – 2.47 p.m.
Swimming Carnival
Carnivals are a whole school event. Canterbury Girls High School Carnivals will be held on the following dates and venues weather permitting:


Swimming Carnival
– at Canterbury Aquatic Centre on 8 February 2021


Cross Country Carnival
– at Peace Park on 21 April 2021

Athletics Carnival
– at Campbell Oval on 7 May 2021

Sports Uniform

The sports uniform is only to be worn for PE lessons and on Wednesday (Sports Day). The uniform can be purchased from Lowes, Campsie and consists of a blue collared T-shirt, blue shorts and lace up sport shoes. Taslon track suits are also available from Lowes. Also essential, particularly during summer, are a hat and sunscreen.Junior Sports Group

Sports Choices

Year 7 students initially participate in either a rotational sporting program, where they participate in a variety of sporting experiences or join a Grade sport team.

All other years can choose to trial for a Grade team or they can choose a non grade sport.

Grade Sport

Grade sport is a round robin competition where our school plays against other schools in the St George Zone. It runs on a ‘home and away’ basis. If a ‘home game’ is played at school or at a local venue within walking distance from school, students may be dismissed from these venues at the conclusion of the game with permission from their parents/caregivers.

Grade sport commences at the beginning of lunch (12.15 p.m.) rather than at the end of lunch (12.55 p.m.) on competition days. For the ‘away games’ and games played outside of the local area, teams will be transported to and from the venue by school bus with teacher supervision, returning to school by 2.47 p.m.

The cost for competing in a season of grade competition is $60 which covers the cost of buses, hire of venues and equipment.

Trials for Grade teams are held at the beginning of the season and some students may need to reselect their sport if they are not selected onto a Grade team. Demand for some sports and the size of the venue may mean that some student’s preferred sport choices cannot be met.

Last updated March 2020