About Canterbury Girls High School

Canterbury Girls High School is a state girls' high school that was established in 1890. At Canterbury Girls High School, students, staff, parents and community members work together to enhance the academic, social and personal outcomes for female students.
Canterbury is Australia’s city for cultural diversity, reflected in the school’s population: a LBOTE population of 63% including both international and refugee students; Aboriginal students; local and out of area enrolments.

The school is committed to supporting all students achieve their personal best, and implements a broad range of student focused, Quality Teaching initiatives to ensure individual student needs are comprehensively addressed.

A high level of social support is provided to every student in the school, and proactive student well being programs operate to provide students with a voice and input into genuine decision making.

The school achieves academic and personal excellence for students through the provision of intersecting whole school programs focusing on Quality Teaching, Student Welfare, Technology, the Performing Arts, Environmental Education, Sport and Student Leadership.

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